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Yoga brought me to strong engagements, on and off the mat. From Geneva to Greece, I stand up for a yoga that is inclusive, accessible and empowering. 


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Le Studio

The yoga I envision carries values of solidarity and inclusivity. 

In my Geneva yoga Studio, Yoga de la Fonderie, we implement concretely these ideals, we welcome everyone and make sure our practice is accessible.

We also offer ways to make sure there is a really sharing and solidarity:

In addition to accessible tarifs and donation based classes, at the studio, students can offer classes to someone they don't know. They just donate classes, anonymously. These donated classes are "suspended", and are available to everyone. We work with local associations to offer them to local populations who don't have access to yoga. 


Also, for each of my teacher trainings in Geneva, two spots are for free. 



Lesvos & Greece


The first time I volunteered on Lesvos, it was in December 2018. There, on the north shores of the island, I spent nights watching the see with night vision binoculars. 

I met beautiful people and learnt a lot about the situation there.... I was invited to come back a few months later to teach yoga to vulnerable women in a warehouse close to Moria camp. 

From encounter to encounter, I went back there twice or three times a year, as well as on Samos, often with the NGO Yoga and Sports for refugees, sometimes to lead children activities or do translations. 

I also kept working remotely for Yoga and Sports for Refugees, whose work and mission I admire tremendously. 

In January 2020, we decided to organise a donation based yoga teacher training in Lesvos. This training was a self-empowerment program targeting asylum seekers, long term volunteers and local people of Lesvos. As they became yoga teachers, the students became agents of change not only for themselves but also in their communities.

After months of fundraising withe the amazing NGO "Safe Passage Lesvos" and after postponing the training because of the pandemic, it happened successfully in August and September 2020, in spite of Covid outbreaks and the fire of Moria Camp. 

To know more:

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Daily report on the training on Instagram:

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