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What is Tulamassage? 

Tulamassage is a full-body oil massage that takes place on a futon. It is a sensory journey through the landscape of your body.
The practitioner honours the natural contours and channels between and around the fascia and muscles, using these natural stream lines as pathways along which to flow.

Tulamassage is practiced in sync with the rhythms and melodies in specific musical compositions. This creates a fluid, hypnotic and wave-like continuity of movement through the body of the receiver.
Although there is a choreographic structure along which the practitioner travels, she/he understands the principle that loving intention, receptivity and creativity are more life giving and effective in deep healing than robotic repetition.

Unwavering presence, expression from a calm centre, the balance of action and reception, precision of rhythm and line, genuine caring, and the fusion of strength and tenderness are other essential components of this meditative practice/treatment.

The primary focus of Tulamassage is on lasting release, both physically and emotionally, and to guide the body back towards a natural, free streaming and vibrant symmetry.

Both for the giver and the receiver it is an enjoyable, liberating and nourishing experience. 

What is Tulayoga?

Tulayoga is a journey inwards, towards your axis; a return through sensation into union with your body and the present moment.

The name Tulayoga comes from the Sanskrit language and is a combination of the words "balance" and "union". It brings together complementary aspects of understanding and practice from yoga, acrobatics and meditation.

Tulayoga is a one on one treatment you receive, given by a skilled practitioner in a peaceful environment. You need no previous experience, you are not working towards ideal postures and there is nothing to achieve.


You receive. You breathe and relax as the practitioner takes you through an effortless dialogue with gravity in which your body can open and naturally align through its own weight and in its own time.

What is a treatment? 

A treatment begins with Tulamassage, a rhythmic, deep and flowing, floor based massage which honours the natural pathways and stream lines of your body.
The practitioner releases local points of tension and begins guiding you towards a fluid and vibrant symmetry. 

Receiving Tulamassage also gives you the time to take distance from the outside world, to relax  and enter into a trusting state of connection with yourself and the practitioner.

Following the massage you are gently lifted into the air, balanced on the hands and feet of the practitioner and guided through a series of supported postures that flow smoothly from one directly into another, creating an elegant meditation through movement. 


The practitioner composes a unique flow of postures for you from a complete set of twenty two. Each posture adjusts to your particular body type and flexibility, respecting any personal limitations without forcing, encouraging a pleasurable and natural release. 


Each posture has a specific action on the body and together they harmonizes the endocrine and nervous systems, lower the heart rate and blood pressure, release accumulated tension, lengthen the spine, increase mobility and encourage a gentle and natural alignment. 


Floating with your eyes closed, without external reference, being held, balanced and moved through space, you are freed of responsibility, of your sense of direction, dimension, and notion of time. This brings you into a stronger connection with the sensations and feelings within your body.

Your mind slowly descends into progressively deeper conscious awareness  until both you and the practitioner enter a calm, centered and lucid state of consciousness.

Tulayoga is a profoundly transformative way of releasing mental, emotional and physical tension, and for many people it is a unique and timeless experience.

Tula treatment for couples

If you want to share this beautiful and unique experience with your lover, ​you can book a treatment which will be done in parallel with my husband, who is also a Tula practitioner. A great gift!  

To know more about the founder of Tulayoga and Tulamassage, Louka Leppard please go to

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