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Continuing education

Workshops, modules &
support for teachers
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Creative sequencing

In practice and in theory, we will explore the art of creating classes and workshops that matter.

From a theme that you care for, we will learn to feel and imagine though the body, the path to take to bring our students though a unique journey.

We will detail different sequencing types that allow to share not only asanas but also yoga in all its aspects and depth.

8h recognized by YogaAlliance

6h of theory and hands on practice, 2h of Asanas practice

A workshop to awaken your creative soul.

The art of creating sequences from the heart

Inversions and arm balances

Inversions and arm balances are one of the funkiest area of yoga. We will take time to practice and figure out how to teach these challenging poses to everyone in a safe, inclusive and kind way.

We will understand how to teach basics and root our teaching in yogic philosophy.

We will use our personnal practice, our strenghts and limitations to share and deepen our teaching.

8h recognized par YogaAlliance

4h of theory and hands on practice, 4h of Asanas workshop practice

A workshop for adventurers.

Practice and teach advanced


As a teacher, it is important to be able to welcome everyone whatever the age, physical or mental state, gender, size, yoga experience.

We will take time, in practice and theory, to understand how to think and adapt our sharing to every body with speech, content, variations and attention offered.

We will take time to reflect on the image of yoga, inclusion of the students and share our teaching experiences.

From concrete situations, we will find solutions and resources and will transform our teaching into a conscious sharing.

6h recognized par YogaAlliance

3h of theory and hands on practice, 3h of Asanas workshop practice

A workshop to go deeper in our teaching.

The art of welcoming everyone

Communication & image

Whether we like it or not, social media and communication are key elements in our yoga teacher job. We will figure out how to establish a meaningful communication, what social media to use and how to concretely have a social media presence.

We will take a moment to reflect on the image we want to project into the world. We will put down the basics from our heart space.

We will learn how social media work, how to stay up to date and prepare a communication strategy.

4h recognized by YogaAlliance

The art of showing ourselves in an authentic way
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