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I am a french yoga teacher, settled in Porto.

After moving a lot and exploring life in a few European cities (Strasbourg, Lyon, Paris, Lausanne, Oxford), I arrived in Geneva in 2012 for a really interesting Engineer job.
At that time, as a physics engineer, I was developing image processing algorithms on a computer 8 hours a day.
As much as I enjoyed designing algorithms, I was not suited for the corporate world, obeying orders behind a desk and drinking tasteless coffee every day.  

After having been miserable for a while and because I had been practicing yoga for years, I enrolled in a teacher training. It was a desperate move to find ways of breathing, and I had no real wish to teach yoga. I was just very lost.

I loved it. I practiced and committed myself to it, and the practice in return freed me little by little, and quite a lot at the end.

So I left my career as an engineer in 2014, to follow my bliss and dedicate myself to the practice and teaching of yoga. I have been teaching full time since then. I was based in Geneva until summer 2018 and in Porto since then. I teach internationally workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, private and group classes.


I believe that yoga can be joyful, inclusive and accessible to everyone.


I teach a creative Vinyasa flow yoga aimed at exploring asanas and meditation through movement. I like to make every asana accessible and encourage everyone to listen inside and develop their own practice.

I like to teach playful classes where everyone can explore and go beyond their comfort zone in a safe way. 

What I love most about yoga is how it reminds me everyday that I know nothing, and encourages me to be a constant adventurer.

I love cheese, chocolate, books, good series, rock music, motorbikes and beaches. I am most happy in the sun, bathing in warmth, and you will find me at the lake all summer long.

Some labels and numbers


I am a E-500Hrs certified teacher, certified by YogaAlliance


I have taught more than 2000 hours of yoga, I am officially considered an experienced yoga teacher to the (sometimes controversial) eyes of YogaAlliance.

I also have the privilege of training yoga teachers

My trainings

Hatha yoga (200 hrs) with Sanjeev Banhot & Anne McNabb
Prana Vinyasa (300 hrs) with Shiva Rea and Simon Park
Yin Yoga (50 Hrs) Sebastian Pucelle & Murielle Burellier
ACROVINYASA (100 Hrs) Claudine and Honza Lafond
Tulamassage and Tulayoga with Louka Leppard
Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff

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