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About me

Claire Lalande


I am currently based in Athens, as Director of Operations for Yoga and Sport with Refugees. 
I teach yoga there at the gym, and only facilitate Yoga Teacher Trainings. 
Upcoming trainings :
- 200h Yoga Teacher Training, Geneva, Feb - May 2024 
- Continuing education: Teaching yoga with inclusion, accessibility and solidarity, Geneva, 17 December 2023

A bit more about me: 

After moving a lot and exploring life in a few European cities (Strasbourg, Lyon, Paris, Lausanne, Oxford), I arrived in Geneva in 2012 for a really interesting Engineer job.
At that time, as a physics engineer, I was developing image processing algorithms on a computer 8 hours a day.
As much as I enjoyed designing algorithms, I was not suited for the corporate world, obeying orders behind a desk and drinking tasteless coffee every day.  

After having been miserable for a while and because I had been practicing yoga for years, I enrolled in a teacher training. It was a desperate move to find ways of breathing, and I had no real wish to teach yoga. I was just very lost.

I loved it. I practiced and committed myself to it, and the practice in return freed me little by little, and quite a lot at the end.

So I left my career as an engineer in 2014, to follow my bliss and dedicate myself to the practice and teaching of yoga. I have been teaching full time since then. I was based in Geneva until summer 2018 and then I left for a year in Porto, traveling and teaching internationally workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, private and group classes. 


I came back to Geneva in January 2020 to take over the amazing yoga studio Yoga de le Fonderie and to accompany it's evolution into becoming a yoga studio with strong values of inclusivity and solidarity. 


I believe that yoga can be joyful, inclusive and accessible to everyone.


I teach a creative Vinyasa flow yoga aimed at exploring asanas and meditation through movement. I like to make every asana accessible and encourage everyone to listen inside and develop their own practice.

I like to teach playful classes where everyone can explore and go beyond their comfort zone in a safe way. 

I am also quite passionate about human rights and work in Greece and remotely in close collaboration with the brilliant NGO Yoga and Sports with Refugees based on Lesvos and the Pandora Project in Athens. 

The yoga I envision carries values of solidarity and inclusivity. Yoga encourages us to take a stand and advocate for a better world. 

After years of volunteering with Yoga and Sport with Refugees (YSR), I trained in Humanitarian action, and worked as a coordinator for a few different organisations, before joining YSR as a director in May 2022. I am now based in Athens and dedicated fully to social justice. 

Some labels and numbers


I am a E-500Hrs certified teacher, certified by YogaAlliance


I have taught more than 2000 hours of yoga, I am officially considered an experienced yoga teacher to the (sometimes controversial) eyes of YogaAlliance.

I also have the privilege of training yoga teachers

My trainings

Hatha yoga (200 hrs) with Sanjeev Banhot & Anne McNabb
Prana Vinyasa (300 hrs) with Shiva Rea and Simon Park
Yin Yoga (50 Hrs) Sebastian Pucelle & Murielle Burellier
ACROVINYASA (100 Hrs) Claudine and Honza Lafond
Tulamassage and Tulayoga with Louka Leppard
Anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff

Ido Portal, mouvement culture


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