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Great gifts for

You want to find a great gift for your friend / partner, and they like yoga? Here are some ideas:

A reusable water bottle

Nature's design Water bottle is a great object, handcrafted and made from lead-free glass, it has been design with the Golden Ration and in conjunction with the White Flower of Life it will structure and keep free of plastics your pure water.

Citrus Zinger Water Bottle: This awesome bottle has a citrus press built into its bottom side, making it easy to extract juice from fruits and infuse them directly into your water bottle!

A Mala

That is a precious and personalised gift! I strongly recommande the beautiful Malas of Maeva: fareeva

An eye pillow

Handmade Relaxing Eye Pillows filled with rice, lavender and love by Kasey

A great book

Here is a list of my favorite yoga books, strongly recommended.

Yoga classes

A lot of studios offer the possibility of buying gift cards (including La Fonderie)


My favorite brands are Pukka, Kusmi or Yogi Tea...

Yoga gear

There are a LOT of amazing yoga leggings, mats or other gear...

For instance:

You can find on Yogatree clothes and gear that are sustainable, recycled, organic...

The Girlfriend collective are giving away a legging, only for the cost of shipping.

Use code DOFC for 10% discount with Daughters of Culture

A charity gift

Around Christmas, you can find a lot of opportunities to volunteer and give back to the community!!

A very unique present

A piece of land in the highlands, including a title!!!

And if I can help :)

A massage

You can a Tula treatment which includes Tulamassage, a whole body oil massage on a futon, a sensorial journey though the body. Then, the treatment moves to Tulayoga, a floating journey, a moving meditation. A treatment is a unique and timeless experience, that enables a full physical and emotional release. Informations and booking here.

A yoga retreat

Can you imagine a Christmas present better than a week of sun, yoga, love and relaxation?? Well, some might say I am not very objective ;)

Details here or here!

Have a great holiday!!!

With love,


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