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 200Hrs Training
Continuing education
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200 hrs


200 Hrs
Teacher training

We propose a transformative yoga teacher training aimed at deepening your yoga asanas, meditation and pranayama practice, finding your voice as a teacher to transmit and share, discovering the philosophy and history of yoga.

Two international yoga teachers, we are bringing together our experiences to help you become independent and open minded instructors.

This training will enable you to teach in English and French.

Join us for a multidisciplinary journey into the practices of yoga, in a small group of highly motivated students.

The training will take place during 7 week ends in Geneva, followed by a 4 days week end in Portugal.

200 hours certified by Yoga alliance.


Claire Lalande

Zeynep Celen

Zeynep (ERYT-500) has been teaching yoga since 2006 and training yoga teachers since 2013. She has published a yoga DVD in Turkey with the leading yoga studio Cihangir Yoga in 2013.


To get a preview of her style you can watch her online yoga classes in English on, or her Turkish classes on her Youtube channel, Zeynep Celen Yoga

She has trained/assisted extensively with the world renowned Erich Schiffmann in the style of Freedom Style Vinyasa and has translated his book into Turkish. Besides yoga, she has recently finished her masters in Neuroscience at University of Geneva and will be going on to do a PhD in the same field.


In her classes and trainings she integrates her knowledge of neuroscience into the teaching. 

She teaches hatha flow inspired by freedom style yoga. Her classes aim to raise proprioceptive awareness and perception, while strengthening and flexing the body.

Claire Lalande

Claire Lalande

Claire (E-RYT200 & RYT-500) has been teaching full time since 2014.

She teaches mainly in Carouge, Switzerland, and gives workshops in Swizerland and France regularly.

To get a preview of her style you can watch her online yoga classes in English on Gatheryoga, or in French on her Youtube channel Claire Lalande.

She has trained with international yoga teachers such as Sanjeev Bahnot, Shiva Rea, Simon Park, Louka Leppard and Leslie Kaminoff.

As a former Engineer in physics, she brings a scientific mind to her teachings.

She believes that yoga can be joyful, inclusive and accessible to everyone.


She teaches a creative Vinyasa flow yoga aimed at exploring asanas and meditation through movement.

She likes to teach playful classes where everyone can explore and go beyond their comfort zone in a safe way.


You will be learning how to:

  • Practice and teach the basic pranayama, kriya & meditation techniques

  • Practice and teach major yoga asanas and variations

  • Safely and mindfully give hands on adjustments

You will know how to:

  • Design a yoga class

  • Guide students safely in and out of asanas

  • Find your unique voice as a yoga teacher

You will learn about:

  • Yoga philosophy

  • History of Yoga

  • Anatomy and physiology


You will learn the logic behind asanas and sequencing and you will be able create your own classes independently.


By the end of the training you will be equipped to freely pursue your own path as a and to effectively share it with your students.

Jan - May 2020 session:

(Spring 2019 session is full!)

Geneva 2020:

January 18-19

February 1-2

February 29 - March 1

March 14-15

March 28-28

April 25-26

May 9-10



May 21-24*



*Travel and housing costs not covered

Cost and conditions

16 students maximum


4300 CHF full price

3900 CHF early bird (until June 19th 2019)

3500 CHF students

2 sponsored spots*

*We believe that yoga should not be an exclusive domain. We want our teacher training to be accessible to everyone. If you are interested in a sponsored spot, send us a message!!

To save your spot, you will have to pay a deposit of 800 CHF

Cancellation conditions:

200 CHF non refundable (admin fees)

800 CHF non refundable after December 1st

1200 CHF non refundable after January 1st

Full price non refundable after February 1st


Continuing education

Workshops, modules &
support for teachers
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Creative sequencing

In practice and in theory, we will explore the art of creating classes and workshops that matter.

From a theme that you care for, we will learn to feel and imagine though the body, the path to take to bring our students though a unique journey.

We will detail different sequencing types that allow to share not only asanas but also yoga in all its aspects and depth.

8h recognized by YogaAlliance

6h of theory and hands on practice, 2h of Asanas practice

A workshop to awaken your creative soul.

The art of creating sequences from the heart

Inversions and arm balances

Inversions and arm balances are one of the funkiest area of yoga. We will take time to practice and figure out how to teach these challenging poses to everyone in a safe, inclusive and kind way.

We will understand how to teach basics and root our teaching in yogic philosophy.

We will use our personnal practice, our strenghts and limitations to share and deepen our teaching.

8h recognized par YogaAlliance

4h of theory and hands on practice, 4h of Asanas workshop practice

A workshop for adventurers.

Practice and teach advanced


As a teacher, it is important to be able to welcome everyone whatever the age, physical or mental state, gender, size, yoga experience.

We will take time, in practice and theory, to understand how to think and adapt our sharing to every body with speech, content, variations and attention offered.

We will take time to reflect on the image of yoga, inclusion of the students and share our teaching experiences.

From concrete situations, we will find solutions and resources and will transform our teaching into a conscious sharing.

6h recognized par YogaAlliance

3h of theory and hands on practice, 3h of Asanas workshop practice

A workshop to go deeper in our teaching.

The art of welcoming everyone

Communication & image

Whether we like it or not, social media and communication are key elements in our yoga teacher job. We will figure out how to establish a meaningful communication, what social media to use and how to concretely have a social media presence.

We will take a moment to reflect on the image we want to project into the world. We will put down the basics from our heart space.

We will learn how social media work, how to stay up to date and prepare a communication strategy.

4h recognized by YogaAlliance

The art of showing ourselves in an authentic way


Private support

You are a Yoga teacher and you wish to boost your teaching?


I offer a program to guide you during two months. Together, we will take time to review your strengths, to define your dreams, to find your center and to kick start your new adventures. 


Two months to dream big and give life to your dreams, to prepare and go further.

During these two months, I will:

* Have a first chat with you to get to know you
* Come to one of your class

* We will define objectives, identify your strengths and plan for the future.

* We will prepare our program.

One session every other week, in person or on Skype, to review

Depending on our objectives:
A final assessment (in class or other)
A final talk to conclude



  • Adjustments during class

  • Class preparation

  • Inclusion in class

Online promotion

  • Communication

  • Social networks

  • Website


  • How to make a living

  • Teaching schedule

  • Grow in your personal asana and meditation practice


  • Retreat preparation

  • Workshop preparation

  • Other



To have a yoga teacher certificate
To be 100% motivated


600 CHF - 520 EUR

Bookings and infomation

Merci! Message bien envoyé

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